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Go truly ‘green’ with the Winters transfer recycling centre

If you are an individual or organisation with an interest in increasing your social responsibility, then you may want to give the Winters transfer recycling centre some serious consideration.

Winters Transfer Recycling
Winters Transfer Recycling

Here at Winters, we believe that it is important to minimise the amount of waste that goes to landfill. That’s why 95% of the waste that we handle is recycled. However, we are always mindful of ways in which we can make recycling less confusing and stressful for our customers.

This explains our development of a transfer recycling centre that makes possible the rapid and efficient processing of significant quantities of industrial and commercial waste, in accordance with our environmental policy.

Easy and stress-free recycling with Winters

The Environment Agency has fully licensed our transfer recycling centre, which is just one of the many indications of its reputability for those who are looking for a simple way to recycle waste.

The process of using our transfer recycling centre is very easy to understand. When your waste arrives on-site, we use excavators to sort it, before passing it through our trommel screener and finally hand sorting it.

Our aim of recycling no less than 90% of the waste that we receive gives you the assurance that as little of your waste material as possible will end up as landfill. It’s a significant bonus for you, whether as an individual or a company, to be able to claim such a highly environmentally friendly approach to your waste disposal – and our transfer recycling centre means that you barely have to think about it.

Recycle more of your waste in a convenient location

As a prime international financial centre, central London inevitably has very significant requirements as far as waste disposal is concerned. That’s why it’s so convenient for individuals and businesses in this area to be just seven miles away from the complete transfer recycling centre in New Southgate, North London.

Our transfer recycling centre is open from 7am to 5pm Monday to Friday, as well as from 7am to 1pm on Saturday. Trust the transfer recycling centre of Winters to dispose of your waste material in the greenest way possible.