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Grab Lorry Hire

Why Winters is an industry leader when it comes to grab lorry services

Have you considered the merits of grab lorry services for your waste management requirements? If not, then you might be surprised by the suitability of our grab lorry services here at Winters.

Grab Lorry Hire
Grab Lorry Hire

With a fleet of 10 grab lorries pounding the streets of the Home Counties, Hitchin and London, we’re perfectly equipped to provide for all of your specific grab lorry requirements.

We fully maintain and run our 8-wheel grab lorries from our Oakleigh Road South site, ensuring that we have maximum control over the quality of grab lorry hire service that we provide.

Quick benefits of grab lorry services from Winters

When you make Winters your choice of grab lorry hire specialist, you can be assured that you’ll receive the high standard of personal service that you would expect from such a long-established family company.

We use GSM navigation for the tracking of our grab lorries, which we completely maintain in-house. This keeps our service both fast and dependable. Grab lorry hire from us is an efficient solution, whether your needs relate to muckaway, general rubbish disposal or the delivery of aggregates.

With an involvement in waste management dating back to 1986, we’ll make sure that your most specialised of requirements are catered for when you turn to us for grab lorry services.

The important things to know about grab lorry hire

Although grab lorries naturally differ from one to the other, they generally weigh about 16 tonnes when empty, and are able to legally carry as much as 16 tonnes on the road – equating to a maximum authorised mass of 32 tonnes. Depending on the type of material, this means that a grab lorry can generally carry between 12 and 15 cubic metres of waste.

There are various other figures and dimensions that are vital to consider before you commence with grab lorry hire. Grab lorries tend to be around three metres in width, for example, with an extra 25cm minimum clearance typically being recommended for either side – equating to a 3.5m total minimum entrance size.

Headroom will also need to be considered, as a minimum of 3.8 metres is required for a grab lorry to pass under. You will also need to factor in an extra two metres for the operation of the crane. The vehicle can generally be loaded in around 15-30 minutes.

For an accurate price and the highest quality advice, simply call Mark Chinsky now, on
020 8361 2221.Winters is proud to provide its customers with the very highest standard of grab lorry services.