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Recycling Revolution

Winters leads the Recycling Revolution

These days, many of us are conscious of regularly doing our bit for the planet. Winters are no different; indeed, recycling is a huge priority for us.

We recycle 95% of all of the waste that we handle. We are committed to reducing the environmental damage that can be caused by waste at landfill sites in South East England; hence, we pre-sort, re-use and recycle waste materials whenever we can.

How Winters can help you to become greener

Though most of us are keen to do our bit for the environment, we are not always certain how we can. Indeed, many of us lack of time in which to learn how to recycle and, indeed, actually recycle. However, Winters can help to make the whole process of recycling much more easy, straightforward and cost-effective for many households and businesses in South East England, including London, Hitchin, Kent and nearby areas.

If you live in one of these households or are a local business owner, then we can help you to be greener without losing too much of your time by sorting your rubbish. All that you have to do is dispose of your waste material in our skips; we will then sort through it before recycling what we can of it.

We guarantee, during our recycling, to extract the maximum amount of re-usable/recyclable material from your waste material; we will transport any non-recyclable parts of your waste material to a registered landfill site and record it.

The materials that we can recycle include…

Garden waste, scrap metal, inert materials, brick rubble, wood waste.

We do our bit for the planet, too!

Though we are proud to encourage greater environmental friendliness in many South East England households and businesses, our green policy also concerns our own vehicles and practices.

Hence, we ensure that any spent oil is recycled and that all of our vehicles are regularly cleaned to minimise highway contamination with debris, are re-painted with lead-free paint, have speed restrictors to reduce smoke emissions and save fuel and are fitted with satellite tracking devices to reduce and deter excess mileage.

Waste Reports

We provide a breakdown of all the waste that we remove from sites and an individual tonnage report; you can learn more about the waste reports that we produce by contacting Liam Winters on 020 3627 3994. You can also use the contact details on the Winters website to learn more about our recycling services.

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