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Careers Winters provides rewarding waste management careers

Few industries are more rewarding and fast-moving than the waste management industry, and as one of the UK’s specialists in this area, Winters is perfectly placed to provide the best related careers.

Great numbers of people from the London, Hitchin and Home Counties areas approach us on a daily basis with an interest in waste management services that include skip hire, tipper lorry hire, grab lorry hire and more.

This is a fascinating area in which to work, and by calling Liam today on 020 8361 2221, you can find out more information about the nature of the work, the necessary qualifications and any opportunities that might be available right now.

Winters Careers
Winters Careers
Fitter, tipper lorry driver and skip lorrydriver careers with Winters

We require fitters, tipper lorry drivers and skip lorry drivers in the London area. Both knowledge of the capital and a clean driving licence are essential for these posts.

By getting in touch with us today, you can find out more about the day-to-day experiences of our fitters and drivers. We expect all of our drivers and fitters to adhere to a minimum required duty of care and to be proud ambassadors for Winters as a company.

We are a family run company, having been involved in waste management since 1986, and we know how important it is to develop a close relationship with our customers, catering for their most specialised needs. As a firm with a strong reputation in our industry, we expect you to represent these values with pride when you join us as a fitter or driver.

More about other waste management careers

Our drivers and fitters play a key role in making our services in waste management some of the industry’s best. Those companies or individuals who contact us about skip hire, for example, are often repeat customers who are already used to receiving the most responsive service from us, in addition to the best equipment for the task.

Similarly, we are always thinking about our customers’ exact needs when we receive an enquiry about grab lorry hire, from providing an accurate price to simply giving them the best advice. We fully maintain our grab lorries in-house, while our drivers are kept busy travelling the length and breadth of the roads in London, Hitchin and the Home Counties.

As you can see, careers in waste management at Winters aren’t just about ‘doing the 9 to 5 and going home’. They attract high quality people with a passion for waste disposal and recycling, who are also steadfastly committed to our company values.

Call Liam now on 020 8361 2221, to receive more information about the waste management careers that we offer here at Winters.

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