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Other Services

Winters provides other services of the highest standard

You might be familiar with Winters’ waste management expertise, including its impeccable recycling record… but have you considered the other services that we offer to the construction industry?

Those who trust Winters for its waste management services are also likely to be interested in such other services as grab lorry hire, aggregates and demolition and ground work. You can also turn to Winters for clean 20 ton loads of hardcore, 20 ton load of topsoil, ballast/soft/sharp sand, MOT type 1 and all types of crushed material on request.

Other Services
Other Services

Such a broad range of other services is possible because of our continued success and expansion as a company. With our reputation for all-encompassing waste management already assured, we are committed to providing you with other services that cater for all of your construction needs.

Why not turn to Winters for grab lorry hire?

Grab lorry hire is one of the most in-demand of our other services. We are continually expanding our fleet of grab lorries so that there are now 10 of them constantly on the streets of London and the Home Counties.

Our 8 wheel grab lorries are all run from our Oakleigh Road South site, and we maintain them in-house. GSM navigation is used in the tracking of each of our grab lorries, which helps to make our service fast as well as dependable.

Each 8 wheel grab lorry of ours is also helmed by a trained driver, and has a 20 ton load capacity. This makes grab lorry hire the perfect service for those tasks for which a skip or other container is not up to the job, such as…

Collections from multiple areas

The clearance of rubbish


Collection from difficult areas

The supply of aggregates in designated areas

Winters’ other services also include affordable aggregates

Aggregates are the mineral materials, like sand or stone, that are mixed together to create concrete. You can use concrete to cast so many structural elements, including columns, beams, lintels, ground floors, bases of foundations and suspended floors.

Our own selection of aggregates here at Winters takes pride of place among our highly-rated other services, and includes:

Soft sand

Sharp sand

MOT type 1 + certificate



You can purchase aggregates from us loose by the metre, or by tonnage on bulk loads that are greater than 10 tonnes (10,000kg).

Contact Winters today for more information about our other services, including aggregates, grab lorry hire and more. Call us now on 020 3627 3994.